• In case you are involved in an accident abroad please contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau of the country you are visiting for further instructions. The contact information for any Motor Insurers' Bureau participating in the Green Card System is written on the back of your Green Card.
  • Make sure you ask the foreign driver to fill in an agreed statement of facts (constat amiable) whether or not the Traffic Police is called in to record the accident. It is very likely that he will also dispose of a similar document in his own language. This agreed statement of facts will help you in the settlement of the accident.
  • In the event that you are responsible for the accident, make sure you give a copy of your Green Card or your insurance contract to the other driver and contact your insurance company or the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of the country you are visiting in order to declare the accident.
  • In the event that you are not responsible for the accident and you claim compensation, make sure to record all the insurance cover data of the vehicle involved in the accident and ask the other driver to make a statement to his Insurance Company. You must contact the other driver's Insurance Company for your compensation if your car has to be repaired abroad.