A.I.B Functions :

The Bureaux and their insurance companies-members that have been licensed to write motor Third Party Liability insurance constitute the basis of the Green Card System. The Bureaux provide their members with Green Cards and they guarantee the fair indemnification of the injured third parties. They are distinguished in Paying Bureaux and Handling Bureaux. A necessary condition is the existence of obligatory insurance of Motor Third Party Liability in the country where the accident occurred. The existence of the Green Card assists the motorist in case of accident in any country of the System because his insurance coverage and his insurer can be easily ascertained and in this way the payment of the indemnity to the damaged party can be effected without delay.

  • Paying Bureau: is the one that is fully responsible for the Green Cards that its members (insurance companies) issue to their insured clients. It guarantees the coverage of the insured according to the legislation of the place where the accident happened even in the case of insolvency of the insurer.
  • Handling Bureau: this is the bureau of the country where the accident occurred. It has the obligation to handle and settle the claim after an accident that happened in its country which is covered by a Green Card of another Bureau. It has to handle the claim as if the insurance policy had been issued by the Bureau itself. That means that the Handling Bureau acts exactly like any motor insurance company would have acted in its country. It receives statements, judicial instruments summonses and law suits concerning the accident, it carries out surveys and pays indemnities. But, it also has the obligation to safeguard the interests of the foreign insurer who issued the Green Card, as it would have done if it was the one who had issued the insurance policy, provided the Green Card is valid at the date and time of the accident.