Mariusz Wichtowski, new CoB President

Stockholm, 27th May, 2010: the 45 Members of the Green Card system gathered in Stockholm for the 44th General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux and proceeded with the election of the new President to guide the organization into the next 5 years.

The successful vote went to Mariusz W. Wichtowski, the Chairman of the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau since September 2000.

The Council of Bureaux is the managing organization of the International Motor Insurance Card system (Green Card system) under the aegis of the United Nations (Economic Commission for Europe). There is no other operative network which can reach such a success in providing support for the compensation of claims resulting from road traffic accidents.

Already a member of various committees of the Council of Bureaux and the chairman of its Monitoring Committee, Mariusz W. Wichtowski's election earned him the distinction of becoming the first Central & Eastern European to be elected to this key responsibility.

When asked to present his vision for the future of the Council of Bureaux during his presidency Mariusz W. Wichtowski expressed his wish to evaluate the past achievements as a good basis for setting up future goals. The fruitful work achieved by his predecessor Ulf Blomgren who steered the move of the Council of Bureaux from London to Brussels, paved the way for the hub of the international MTPL claims handling and established a single administration for the Green Card system and the national bodies set up under the 4th Motor Insurance Directive (Guarantee Fund, Compensation Bodies and Information Centers) is to be continued.

Coming from a country which entered the EU in 2004, Mariusz W. Wichtowski represents an apt choice to ensure a progressive enhancement of the efficiency of the international MTPL claims handling.

In his programme, Mariusz W. Wichtowski highlighted that ever-changing environment and its expectations should be the driving force of the Council of Bureaux. This would encompass among others efficient organization of work, the establishment of a list of arbitrators for smooth cooperation between the Members and a strengthened cooperation towards the protection of visitors with regard to non EEA Members thanks to the benefit of the experience gained with the 4th Motor Insurance Directive.

Lawyer by training, Mariusz W. Wichtowski started his professional career in September 1979 at the Poznań Branch Office of WARTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company, where he acted as Head of Department for assessing claims in the Blue and Green Card Systems. From 1996 to September 2000, he was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Motor Insurers’ Company and from 1996 to 2005 he was simultaneously Member and subsequently Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Insurance Guarantee Fund. Mariusz W. Wichtowski published many articles about civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles and insurance law in Poland. For many years, he also took an active role in the legislation process serving as a Member of the Council on Financial Market Development under the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland.